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About us




Our mission is to provide quality education in a safe, secure, happy and healthy environment. We strive for professionalism by providing love, guidance, positive reinforcement, and constant communication to meet the individual needs of every family. Our ultimate goal is to be partners with families, teachers, staff, and children to promote a love for learning.


Our teachers are totally committed to our children at Kids’ Corner Child Development Center. We want to enhance each child´s learning ability by creating an environment where your child can feel safe and secure. Our well-equipped playgrounds are safe and functional, a delightful place for their imaginations to grow. Our equipment is routinely inspected for safety. Children have the opportunity to play and explore on age-appropriate equipment every day.

Qualifications of Kindergarten Staff:

All of our teachers in the Kindergarten program have one of the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any subject

  • Three or more years of K-12 grade teaching experience

  • Special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in K-12 grade subjects.


Kids’ Corner endeavors to provide high-quality care in a safe & healthy learning environment which enhances personal and academic growth to all children who attend.


  • Enhance learning through the use of Creative Curriculum

  • Utilize Developmentally Appropriate Practices

  • Establish open and ongoing communication with families

  • Use a positive behavior plan that emphasizes respect and responsibility

  • Include all children so that we function as a family where everyone cares for each other and celebrates each other´s successes

  • Build family partnerships and involve the community by holding activities that invite our parents and our community stakeholders to participate

  • Expose children to foreign languages and technology skills

  • Provide children with the foundation needed to build self-esteem, develop school competence, and reach for higher levels of learning

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